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The moment Miguel began helping people at a little doctor’s office in Garland, Texas, Miguel knew he found his calling. Miguel’s passion drove him to continue his search for something new and innovative. He found an optical startup in Frisco, Texas. The innovative company sold eyewear in a few innovative models. Miguel loved the concept and became so passionate about changing an industry, he was later invited to work for the corporate office in Farmers Branch. Miguel’s experience in startup optical changed his view of operations and retail. There he learned how the industry worked on a mass scale, from supply chain management, product development, to new strategy implementation all which helped a fast growing company continue to grow effectively and efficiently as possible. Miguel took those new skills and joined another startup optical company. There he was able to merge both his love for optics and his passion for technology, service, optics, innovation, and product design. On his free time Miguel likes to spend time with friends, enjoys eating out at restaurants around the city, and watch Maria la del Barrio reruns.