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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept Medicaid?

  • A: Currently, Medicaid or CHIP is not contracted with our Eye Pieces practices.

Q: How much is an exam?

  • A: A comprehensive eye examination with high-tech equipment testing and a glasses prescription starts at $185.

Q: How much is a contact lens exam?

  • A: A contact lens examination depends on many factors. Your prescription, what type of contacts you will be fitted in, and diagnostic testing of your eyes all involve a contact lens examination. A contact lens examination starts at $295.

Q: Why do I need a contact lens fitting every year?

  • A: A contact lens fit is a contact lens examination. We evaluate the external part of your eyes with sophisticated technology that helps us determine what prescription, size, curvature, fit, centration, movement of contacts your eyes will require for you to have the clearest and most comfortable contacts available.

Q: I just want a routine exam and no extras, do you offer that?

  • A: A routine eye exam is considered a comprehensive eye examination at our office that examines your eyes with very high-tech instrumentation for a low fee of $185. We perform up to 12 analyses of your eyes with our equipment to give you comprehensive health and optical assessment.

    Q: How long does eyewear and contacts take to be ready for pickup?

    • A: In most cases, glasses usually take 7-10 business days to be ready. Contact lenses, in most cases, take 2-3 days to be ready for pickup.

    Q: Do I have to be dilated?

    • A: You do not have to be dilated when you arrive at our office. We offer very accurate retinal imaging at our practice that can view most of your retina. A retinal image does not view 100% of your retina like a dilation. We will highly recommend a dilation if you are at risk of any retinal condition or if you have any symptoms of any retinal condition.

    Q: What are your COVID protocols?

    • A: We recommend that masks be worn by patients but we are not enforcing that rule if a patient has been vaccinated for the COVID virus. We are very diligent in cleaning and disinfecting all equipment and countertops with alcohol and disinfectants that are proven to kill viruses and bacteria.

    Q: Do you see children?

    • A: Our doctors are most comfortable with seeing children from ages five and above.

    Q: Can I talk to the owner? How do I reach him?

    • A: The owner currently has his staff that takes most of his calls and emails during business hours. The owner/doctor sees patients the majority of the day at either of his other practices.

    Q: How long is the eye exam?

    • A: The eye examination from start to finish averages about 30 minutes, including all the diagnostic eye tests. If more in-depth testing is required, the examination might take one hour.

    Q: Can you look up my insurance, because I do not know it?

    • A: Yes! We can investigate what vision insurance you currently are enrolled in. Most times, we would need basic information such as name, date of birth, and sometimes a form of identification number.