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Adapt to Every Moment: Discover the Magic of Transitions® Lenses!

Transition lenses adapt to changing light conditions, darkening their tint when outdoors to shield the eyes from harmful UV rays and glare.

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Transitions® Lenses in Plano, Texas

Imagine not having to switch between prescription glasses and sunglasses when moving from indoors to outdoors. Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses are the game-changers that allow this to be possible!

These innovative lenses have built-in photochromic technology that automatically changes from clear to dark when it comes in contact with UV rays. This protects your eyes from the sun’s UV rays and glare. As soon as you step back indoors, they swiftly transform back to their crystal-clear state, allowing you to see clearly and comfortably.

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Original Transitions®️ Lenses

Experience eyewear like never before with Original Transitions Lenses. These adaptive lenses quickly transform from clear to dark outdoors, which shields the eyes from harmful UV rays. They revert to a clear state indoors or at night, ensuring ultra-clear vision.

With 100% UV protection, available in gray and brown tints, and compatibility with various frames, these lenses are the ultimate fusion of style and functionality.

Transitions®️ Signature Gen8

  • Swift Adaptation: Lenses return to clear faster and become darker outdoors
  • Ultimate Eye Protection: Shields against UV rays and harmful blue light
  • Hassle-Free Living: Allows effortless enjoyment by adapting to any lighting conditions
  • Stylish Options: Available in a variety of colorful options


  • Blue Light Filter: Filters blue light indoors and outdoors
  • Enhanced Color Perception: Optimal visual performance
  • Tints with Light: Clear lenses indoors, tinted lenses outdoors
  • Glare Reduction: Promotes comfortable vision in the sun
  • UV Protection: Safeguards from UVA and UVB rays
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Transitions® XTRActive

Transitions® Xtractive lenses offer unique windscreen compatibility that allows them to tint while you’re driving. They also offer indoor comfort and prevent eye strain caused by harsh lighting.


  • Ideal for People Who Drive Often: They activate in a car, which reduces glare.
  • Active Outdoor Lifestyle: Perfect for those with active outdoor lifestyles.
  • Darker in Sunlight: Extra dark in bright sunlight and hotter climates.
  • Indoor Protection: Offers a hint of tint to safeguard eyes from harsh indoor light.
  • Blocks 100% of harmful UV rays

Transitions & SOLFX Sunwear Products

Unlike regular sunglasses, Transitions® Lenses SOLFX offer a unique advantage. They’re specifically designed for outdoor activities, and their level of darkness adjusts based on light conditions.

  • Adaptive Sunwear: Self-adjusts to changing levels of sunlight
  • Dynamic Darkness: Adjusts from dark to darker based on the intensity of sunlight
  • Personalized Options: Available in a variety of colors and tint ranges to suit various outdoor needs
  • Activity-Specific Designs: Can be tailored for specific outdoor activities
  • Complete UV Protection: Blocks 100% of harmful UVA & UVB rays
  • Customizable Style: Compatible with many frame brands and styles
  • Prescription and Non-Prescription: Available options for both prescription and non-prescription wearers
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Transitions Vantage

These revolutionary lenses provide a dark tint and polarization in bright conditions. They also offer:

  • Dual Performance: These photochromic lenses are the first with variable polarization, which darkens the lens while reducing glare
  • Enhanced Clarity: As the lenses darken, vision becomes crisper, sharper, and more vivid
  • Complete UV Protection: Blocks 100% of harmful UV rays
  • Can Adapt to Indirect Light: Reflections from surfaces are reduced
  • Versatile Compatibility: Fit any prescription and frame, ensuring a customized fit
  • All Ages Welcome: Suitable for wearers of all ages, including children

Transitions® For Kids

Parents are generally conscious of providing skin protection against the sun for their children, but often forget that they need eye protection from the sun too.

With 80% of UV damage occurring during childhood and adolescence, your little one can benefit from the enhanced protection that Transitions offer.

Choose between standard and premium packages to ensure your child's eyes are shielded from harmful UV rays all day long.

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