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Kids Optical

We offer high-quality eyewear for children, including a variety of stylish frames and lenses designed with durable, kid-friendly materials.

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Choosing Eyeglass Frames For Children in Plano, Texas

Research shows that about 20% of children need glasses for clear vision.

However, getting children to wear glasses can be challenging due to factors like discomfort, lack of style, and concerns about durability.

Luckily, now there are durable and fashionable frames explicitly designed for kids that not only enhance vision but also boost confidence.

The Right Fit for Your Child's Eyeglasses

A Comfortable Correct Fit is Essential for Kids

When choosing frames for your child, it's important to find the right fit. They shouldn't be too big or too small and mustn’t be placed too close to the cheekbone or extend higher than the eyebrow.

Proper fitting frames should sit comfortably on the face and not be wider than the child's face. Smaller frames are easier for children to forget about and wear comfortably. The frames should still be large enough to provide clear vision in all directions.

An eye doctor will assist with fitting the ideal glasses, ensuring that the centers of the frames align with the center of the child's pupils.

Glasses Must Fit Properly on the Bridge of the Nose

Children have small noses and bridges, so nose support that fits properly with comfortable padding is essential. Glasses that exert pressure on certain points can be extremely uncomfortable, leading to reluctance to wear them.

An innovative solution is gel-padding, which provides extra comfort for the nose bridge, making the glasses more enjoyable to wear. How the frames fit at the temples is also important because they should feel comfortable without applying pressure or being too loose.

Glasses with spring hinges are resilient and can withstand extensive use, as can glasses with sport temples designed to fit a child's ear and offer flexibility and a secure fit.

Children's Frames Must Have:

When it comes to children's eyeglasses, durability and strength are key considerations. The frames should be made from high-quality, flexible, and break-resistant material that can withstand rough handling. Titanium frames are an excellent choice as they are both lightweight and robust.

In terms of lenses, polycarbonate lenses are recommended because they offer superior impact resistance compared to other types, ensuring added safety and durability.

For active children, special sports glasses might be the best option. They’re usually made entirely of plastic, with no hinges in the temples and an elastic strap for the head to keep them secure during physical activities.

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Make Your Child Feel Confident by Letting Them Choose Their Own Glasses

When selecting eyeglasses, it’s vital involving your child in the process. By making the choice of eyeglasses a shared and enjoyable experience, you’ll increase the likelihood of them wearing their glasses regularly.