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3699 McKinney Avenue in West Village in Uptown Dallas

Beautiful Eyewear & Superior
Eye Care in Dallas, Texas


Eye Pieces Dallas is a luxury independent practice that has been serving the Plano community for over 30 years. We emphasize personalized service and offer high-quality services, including comprehensive eye exams and the latest eye treatments designed specifically for each patient's needs.

Just as all eyes are not created equal, neither are glasses. Eyeglasses are more than just tools to give you clear vision; they're fashion accessories that give you a whole new look. At Eye Pieces Dallas, we have our fingers on the pulse of fashion's changing trends. Let us help you find the right frames and sunglasses that show off your personal style

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Dr. Hoa Nguyen OD

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Dr. Jaime Gonzalez OD

Our High-End Services Always Begin
With a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive is the operative word here. Our expert staff takes the time to discuss and answer any questions you might have and supply you with the most up-to-date information to help you maintain excellent eye health.

Our experienced optometrists provide you with routine prescription checks, glasses prescriptions, and contact lens prescriptions. We also test for a range of eye conditions, in both adults and children, including glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy, to prevent any problems from arising by catching them early.

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Eye Pieces Plano is an independently owned optometry practice in Plano. Our staff prides itself on providing personalized eye care with compassion.

Need an eye exam? Have your vision testing done, eye health checked, and prescription updated and order a new pair of eyeglasses frames in one convenient location.

We carry hundreds of frames to suit every lifestyle. Whether for kids, sport, sun, safety, budget, or high fashion, we have something for everyone!

Why Patients Trust Us
& Keep Returning

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Level Up Your Frame Game
With These Must-Have Looks.

Jacques Marie Mage:
a modern cowboy

Based out of LA, the indie eyewear capital of the world, Jacques Marie Mage makes extremely limited runs of artisanal eyewear. Their inspirations range from things like folk art to Americana to antique design pieces and the resulting frame collections are always classic-looking and very well made.

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THEO eyewear calls its creations “glasses for human beings.” This quote reflects the company’s belief in emphasizing the identity of the people who wear their frames and accentuating the individual’s personality. THEO is modern frame technology, pushing the envelope between amazing and amusing.

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Our expert optometrists will evaluate your eye shape and prescription to help you determine the best glasses and contact lens fit for your needs. Give your eyes the attention they deserve by booking your eye exam today!

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  • Balmain Paris
  • Jacques Marie Mage
  • Chrome Hearts
  • Chanel
  • Maui Jim
  • Tom Ford
  • Prada
  • Lafont

4 Eye Conditions Linked To Sun Exposure

Before you head outdoors, grab your UV-blocking sunglasses and sun hat to protect your eyes from these 4 eye conditions.

Start The Year Right With A Pediatric Eye Exam

Every child should have a comprehensive eye exam before the start of the new school year. Just as you wouldn’t consider sending them to school without a backpack or a lunch box, make sure their eyes and vision are ready for the challenges ahead.

What Lens Color Is Best For Sunglasses?

In the market for stylish new shades but aren’t sure which lens tint to choose? We’re here to help.

5 Reasons We Love Photochromic Lenses

Tired of switching between regular glasses and sunglasses? Photochromic lenses darken when you’re outside and lighten when you’re indoors—all the while providing full UV protection. Here are 5 reasons why we at Eye Pieces Plano love photochromic lenses.