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Trust the Experts at Eye Pieces Plano

At Eye Pieces Plano, we take pride in having an exceptional and experienced eye care team dedicated to providing quality eye care services.

By trusting us with your vision health, you can rest assured that you’ll be taken care of by experts who’ll prioritize your eye health and overall well-being.

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Experience Exceptional Eye Care: Meet Our Skilled Eye Doctors Serving Plano

dr jaime g

Jaime Gonzalez, OD

Jaime Gonzalez, O.D.

Dr. Jaime Gonzalez, a highly accomplished optometrist, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Eye Pieces. He earned his Doctorate in Optometry from the esteemed University of Houston College of Optometry in 2006, where he received The Clinical Excellence Award in Family Practice. Dr. Gonzalez further honed his skills through extensive training, including an internship rotation in ocular disease at BridgeBuilders Eye Clinic alongside Dr. Joe DeLoach.

At the University of Houston - University Eye Institute, Dr. Gonzalez underwent comprehensive training in ocular disease and pre- and post-operative surgical care under the guidance of executive director Dr. Nick Holdeman. He also had the privilege of training with Dr. Craig Thomas of 1st Eye Care, renowned for his expertise in eye technology. Driven by a passion for serving patients, Dr. Gonzalez specializes in dry eye treatment, ocular disease management, and pediatric eye care.

Dr. Gonzalez's dedication to staying at the forefront of optometry is evident in his commitment to utilizing the latest technology for accurate diagnoses and implementing cutting-edge treatments. As a licensed Therapeutic Optometrist and board-certified Optometric Glaucoma Specialist, he consistently provides exceptional care to his patients. He is an active member of the American Optometric Association, the Texas Optometric Association, and the Dallas County Optometric Society.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. Gonzalez enjoys traveling and attending sporting events. Exploring hidden culinary gems with his wife, Dr. Hoa Nguyen, who is also an optometrist at Eye Pieces, is a favorite pastime. Together, they co-own Eye Pieces, where Dr. Gonzalez's expertise and commitment to patient care continue to make a positive impact on the community.

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Hoa Nguyen, O.D.

Dr. Hoa Nguyen, a highly skilled and compassionate optometrist, is a valued member of the Eye Pieces team. She received her bachelor's degree from Tulane University and went on to earn her doctorate degree from the prestigious University of Houston College of Optometry in 2006. As a licensed Therapeutic Optometrist and board-certified Optometric Glaucoma Specialist, Dr. Nguyen's expertise ensures the highest level of care for her patients.

With a strong background in ocular disease management, pediatric eye care, and fitting specialty contact lenses, Dr. Nguyen is well-equipped to provide comprehensive eye care services. Her training at Baylor in Houston included essential experience in treating ocular diseases, co-managing pediatrics, and low vision rehabilitation. She is an active member of the Dallas County Optometric Society and the Tarrant County Optometric Society.

Before joining Eye Pieces, Dr. Nguyen made a significant impact at Vision City, where she honed her skills and nurtured her passion for patient care. In her spare time, Dr. Nguyen enjoys a wide range of activities, including bowling, traveling, rock climbing, and exploring diverse culinary experiences with her husband, Dr. Jaime Gonzalez, who is also an esteemed optometrist at Eye Pieces. Together, they co-own Eye Pieces and share a commitment to providing exceptional eye care services to the community. With Dr. Nguyen's expertise and compassionate approach, patients can trust they are receiving the highest standard of care at Eye Pieces.

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dr hoa

Hoa Nguyen, OD

Dr. Vinita Chirinand

Dr. Vinita Chirinand

Dr. Vinita Chirinand, O.D

Dr. Vinita Chiranand is a native Texan, born and raised in Houston. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Texas at Austin, she graduated magna cum laude from the University of Houston College of Optometry in 2013. During her time at the University of Houston College of Optometry, Dr. Chiranand was a member of the Beta

Sigma Kappa Optometric Honor Society, and she was awarded clinical letters of excellence in the Pediatrics and Family Practice clinics. In addition, she was recognized for her grand rounds paper on acute angle closure glaucoma, which was selected to be published by the
Institute of Optometric Practice.

During her internship at Cedar Springs Eye Clinic in Dallas, Dr. Chiranand received extensive training from Dr. Joe DeLoach and Dr. Marcus Gonzales in the treatment of ocular disease, including glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and dry eye syndrome, in addition to providing
primary care and pre- and post-cataract surgery care for underserved populations. Dr. Chiranand also interned under Dr. Bruce Wick, a renowned binocular vision specialist, at his practice in Houston, where she was trained in the diagnosis and treatment of binocular vision
disorders, as well as low vision rehabilitation for visually impaired and legally blind individuals.

Dr. Chiranand is currently licensed as a Therapuetic Optometrist and is certified as an Optometric Glaucoma Specialist by the Texas Optometry Board. She is an active member of
the Texas Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association.

In her spare time, Dr. Chiranand enjoys traveling, trying out new restaurants, and visiting local theaters and museums. When she’s not volunteering at a local animal shelter on her days off, she spends her free time with her significant other, Brian, and her two spoiled cats, Moogle
and Waffles.

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Dr. Chris Darilek, O.D.

Dr. Chris Darilek is an esteemed optometrist who brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to his practice. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Incarnate Word College of Optometry, earning his Doctorate in Optometry in 2018. Prior to pursuing his optometry career, Dr. Darilek also achieved academic excellence during his undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University, where he graduated magna cum laude.

Throughout his training, Dr. Darilek gained extensive experience in ocular disease management and pre- and post-operative surgical care. He completed rotations at the Austin VA Hospital and the Community Eye Clinic in Ft. Worth, honing his skills and deepening his understanding of various eye conditions. As a licensed Therapeutic Optometrist and board-certified Optometric Glaucoma Specialist, Dr. Darilek ensures that his patients receive the highest level of care.

Dr. Darilek finds immense satisfaction in treating patients with dry eyes, managing ocular diseases, and providing specialized care for children. He also excels in fitting multi-focal (bifocal) contact lenses and tackling the challenges of fitting lenses for patients with corneal disease. Committed to staying at the forefront of his field, Dr. Darilek embraces the latest technology for accurate diagnoses and keeps up with the newest advancements in eye treatments.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. Darilek maintains an active lifestyle. He enjoys working out, playing volleyball, and attending sporting events. In his downtime, he stays up-to-date with the latest and greatest TV shows. Driven by his passion for patient care and commitment to staying at the cutting edge of optometry, Dr. Chris Darilek is dedicated to providing exceptional eye care services to his patients.

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Chris Darilek, OD

Chris Darilek, OD

Jessica Vincenzi,, O.D.

Jessica Vincenzi,, O.D.

Jessica Vincenzi, O.D.

Dr. Jessica Vincenzi is a highly accomplished optometrist, bringing a wealth of expertise to her practice in Frisco, TX. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Binghamton University in New York before pursuing her Doctorate of Optometry from SUNY Optometry. Dr. Vincenzi's commitment to excellence led her to Baltimore, where she completed additional training at the Ocular Disease Residency at the Baltimore VA in 2009.

With a passion for pediatric eye care, Dr. Vincenzi gained invaluable experience working in one of the busiest pediatric ophthalmology practices in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. This afforded her unique expertise in managing amblyopia/strabismus and caring for children with special needs. In 2012, she received the prestigious Fellowship in the American Academy of Optometry, a testament to her dedication and expertise in the field.

Dr. Vincenzi's commitment to serving others led her to the US Naval Academy, where she provided comprehensive eye care to over 3,000 enlisted mission-ready cadets. She also facilitated the Midshipmen in commissioning exams and provided pre/post-operative care for PRK/LASIK procedures. As an Assistant Clinical Supervisor, she trained fourth-year Optometric students, furthering her passion for educating and mentoring future optometrists.

Outside of her professional life, Dr. Vincenzi enjoys exploring her love for food and travel while connecting with others. She cherishes quality time with her husband and two children. Dr. Vincenzi is dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients of all ages, with a particular focus on pediatrics and glaucoma management. She believes in making each patient encounter fun, informative, and empowering through education. When you visit Dr. Jessica Vincenzi, you can expect compassionate care, a wealth of knowledge, and a commitment to your vision health and well-being.

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